2018 - 2019 Mevlana Exchange Program (Student and Instructor) Applications

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2018 - 2019 Mevlana Exchange Program (Student and Instructor) Applications


Please read the following information carefully before applying!

Applications of the Mevlana Exchange Program for the 2018-2019 academic year (fall / spring / fall + spring) will be taken between 05-26 February 2018; applications for the exchange (incoming student and teaching staff), will be directed to our International Relations Unit/ Mevlana Coordinator from the agency of your Institutions’s International Relations Office.


Note: Mevlana Exchange Program applications received by our coordinator are preliminary applications; all requests will be evaluated according to scores and quotas, the placement procedures will be completed and the results will be sent to the Council of Higher Education on 16 March 2018. All requests will be treated by the Council of Higher Education and the final results will be announced on our Unit’s web page when we receive the approved requests.


Some important considerations for applicants include:

  • Not having previously participated in the Mevlana Exchange Program,
  • Students must be registered associate, bachelor's, master's or doctoral students with formal education. Open plan school, distant training and mass education students can not benefit from Mevlana Exchange Program,
  • Students studying in preparatory and first year of associate and undergraduate programs and graduate and Ph.D. students in preparatory and scientific preparatory periods can not benefit from this program for the first semester they start their principal education,
  • Students and teaching staff who have benefited from Erasmus activities can benefit from Mevlana program as scholarship students.


In order to participate in the program, students must first meet the following minimum requirements.


  • The general academic grade point average of associate degree or undergraduate students shall be at least two and a half over four,
  • The general academic grade point average of postgraduate and doctoral students shall be at least three over four


  • there shall be an appropriate agreement of the program where the student has studied


Documents to be delivered at the time of application

Applications for exchange (incoming student) will be made to the International Relations unit /Mevlana Coordinator through the agency of your institution’s International Unit.

*Prospective Student Application Form (Must be photographed and must be filled on the computer)


*Foreign Language Test Certificate. (It is the exam that will be made by your University)


Please click for Candidate Student Application Form.


Transcripts and Grade Point Average (GPA)


In the application, the cumulative general grades, not the 2017-2018 fall semester average, will be taken into consideration. For this reason, applicants who fail to obtain a GPA of 2.50 for associate degree / license and 3.00 GPA for master / doctoral level will be invalid. Also, students who provide the necessary GPA can apply even if they fail classes.

The following evaluation criteria will be applied when calculating the overall success grade.


Evaluation Criteria

General Grade Point Average: 50% (Associate Degree / Bachelor's Degree: 2.50 - Master's / Ph.D.: 3.00)

Language Test Score: 50% (minimum 60 out of 100 points)

The overall grade average in the 100-system and the 50% of the language test result are taken as the Mevlana achievement score.

The threshold of the language test to be made by the university is determined as 60 points. It is not possible for our applicant students who score below the "60" grade can benefit from the program.



Scholarship Amount

Incoming students from higher education institutions abroad, is going to be paid 1,000 TRY per month from Mevlana Exchange Program scholarship.

Note: The grant given to the beneficiaries by the Council of Higher Education is supportive. The Instution does not undertake to cover all costs during the exchange.

  • 80 percent of the scholarship amount to be paid to outgoing and incoming students will be paid at once and upon arrival. The remaining 20 percent will be determined by the ratio of classes for which the student is successful to the percentage of all courses for which he / she is liable. In the Grant payments,  1 semester contains 4 months.


Note: Within the scope of the Mevlana Exchange Program, a maximum of 20% quota will be allocated for applications to be made to Turkic Republics (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan).


Instructor application documents:


  • Curriculum vitae of the instructor
  • Instructor’s mobility plan (please click)


 Instructor Application Requirements

All academic staff employed in national and foreign higher education institutions that have signed Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol can join academic staff mobility. This mobility includes education-training activities which an academic staff authorized in one higher education institution will perform in another higher education institution. Academic staff mobility periods can be minimum one week and at maximum three months for once only in the same education-training year. In the scope of mobility, academic activities of academic staff can not be less than total six hours weekly. In hourly calculation of the activities performed by academic staff, courses are considered. If course hours do not complete six hours, academic activities like seminars, panels or conferences are evaluated in this context. Academic staff mobility plans which do not contain lectures shall not be considered within Mevlana Exchange Programme and accepted for the Exchange. To execute academic staff mobility in an active and efficient way, scope, period and conditions of the mobility can be rearranged by CHE Executive Board if necessary. In the Exchange, priority is given to applications from academic staffs who have not earlier participated in academic staff Exchange activities. As a result of the evaluation, Our University announce the academic staff entitled to participate in Exchange in the institution web site. Academic staff entitled to participate in the Mevlana Exchange Programme and do not participate without an excuse, can not apply to this programme for a period of three years.



Instructor Payments







Asia- Pasific, Latin America, North America

50 TRY

40 TRY

4.400 TRY

Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle Asia

50 TRY

40 TRY

3.300 TRY

Europe, South Caucasus, South Asia, Asia, Middle East and North Africa

50 TRY

40 TRY

2.500 TRY



*For Mevlana Exchange Program applications, information can be obtained from mevlana@kocaeli.edu.tr



Address: Upstairs of the Social Facilities Student Cafeteria, International Relations Office, Mevlana Exchange Program Coordinator

E-mail: mevlana@kocaeli.edu.tr

Tel: 0262 303 38 43-44-49